All Bird & Cronin operating departments, from manufacturing to accounting, packaging to purchasing, creative to sales, work in a Team environment with Total Customer Satisfaction as our top priority.


Our sales force is available throughout the United States to service our customers. They are highly educated and trained in the orthopedic softgoods field.

To find the representative for your area, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-328-1095 or 

Purchasing & Product Development 

The product development team continually designs and evaluates new products, collaborating with purchasing to provide the best possible value to our customers.  


Production encompasses sewing, packaging and shipping, delivering quality from product design to our customers hands.


Accounting provides for you your up to date account and finance information. Both national and regional contracts are maintained and reviewed in the finance division.


Bird & Cronin’s inhouse creative department creates and refines our literature, and assures our catalog and website are current and user friendly.

Admin and HR 

Administration and Human Resources work together to a maintain the professional workforce our customers require.

We look forward to the opportunity to become a partner with you and help your customers improve their lives.