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Sling and Swathe Immobilizer

  • Designed to immobilize the shoulder and comfortably secure arm against body 
  • Tri-layer construction with a durable outer-layer, foam core and soft lining 
  • Shoulder straps attach anywhere on hook-receptive sling pouch for an adjustable fit 
  • Hook and loop design allows swathe to be easily applied and secured 
  • Left or right application reduces inventory requirements
  • Latex Free
Reorder No. Size  Pouch SizeSwathe Length  
0814 0161X-Small7.5"4" x 30"
0814 0162Small8.5"4" x 36"
0814 0163Medium9"4" x 43"
0814 0164Large11"4" x 47"
0814 0165X-Large11"4" x 54"
0814 01662X-Large12"4" x59"