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B-Cool® Super Sling Plus (Complete and Sling Only)

  • Immobilizes the arm and shoulder.
  • Can be used after rotator cuff repair, anterior repairs, posterior dislocations, capsular shifts and global shoulder instability.
  • Removable positioning pillow provides for 10˚ to 15˚of abduction from neutral position.
  • The envelope style sling is made of breathable mesh fabric providing long term comfort.
  • Easy open sling to allow for forearm exercises.
  • Exercise ball encourages exercise and stimulation.
  • Adjustability allows arm to be placed in a variety of positions dependent on post-operative requirements.
  • Sling has padded shoulder straps for added comfort and compliance and has a quick release buckle for ease of application.
  • Adjustable waist and shoulder alligator hooks allow for a customized and more secure fit.
  • Multiple securement straps, buckles, and hook tabs immobilize the shoulder in desired position and remain secure.
  • Once the patient is fitted by the healthcare provider, the settings are established and maintained between applications.
    PATIENT NOTE: Please consult with your healthcare provider prior to changing the product's settings.
  • The quick release waist and shoulder buckles allow for ease of removal and re-application.
  • Optional thumb securement strap.
  • Universal left and right.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.
Reorder No. Size  Pocket Length    Forearm Length Unit 
B-Cool® Super Sling Plus (Complete)     
0814 8262Small14"9" - 14"Each
0814 8263Medium16"14" - 15.5"Each
0814 8264Large17.75"15.5" - 17"Each
0814 8265X-Large20"17" - 20"+Each
B-Cool® Super Sling Plus (Sling Only)     
0814 8252Small14"9" - 14"Each
0814 8253Medium16"14" - 15.5"Each
0814 8254Large17.75"15.5" - 17"Each
0814 8255X-Large20"17" - 20"+Each
NOTE: Arm length measurement is taken from the elbow crease to the base of the index finger.