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SPRINT® Ankle Stabilizer

  • Designed to help support and protect unstable or injured ankles 
  • Low profile lightweight stabilizer fits easily into most athletic shoes 
  • Patented anatomically-contoured shells with adjustable heel strap 
  • Leg straps with hook-and-loop closure for easy application and removal 
  • Liner options use differing methods to provide comfort and compression 
  • Dual-cell liners combine a gel pocket at the ankle with an upper air pocket 
  • Double-walled gel pouch with enclosed foam ankle pad for extra comfort 
  • Liners can be frozen to provide cold therapy at ankle 
  • Available with blue or green liners 
  • Left or right application reduces inventory


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Patent No. D492,788S

Patent No. 6,306,112B2

Reorder No. Physician's Choice®
Size Description Unit 
Sprint® Green     
0814 0654 5000 0654Regular 10.5" Height Each 
0814 0652 5000 0652Small 8.5" Height Each 
0814 0653 5000 0653Trainer/Sport 9" Height Each 
Sprint® Blue     
0814 0624 5000 0624Regular 10.5" Height Each 
0814 0622 5000 0622Small 8.5" Height Each 
0814 0623 5000 0623Trainer/Sport 9" Height Each 
Sprint® Extension Strap     
0814 0625 12" Extension Strap White Each