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U2™ Universal Wrist Brace

  • Designed to stabilize, support, and protect wrist without limiting thumb rotation 
  • Brace fits at the distal palmar crease permitting normal finger function 
  • Removable metal palmar stay is malleable for customization of wrist extension 
  • Detachable metal dorsal stay allows positioning based on patient requirements 
  • Single-pull lacing closure straps for quick adjustment of fit and compression  
  • Positional thumb-web strap for a personalized fit and greater comfort 
  • Soft, stretchable stockinette panel for easy slip-on/slip-off application and removal 
  • Universal one-size-fits-most reduces inventory requirements


For volume purchases, please contact our customer care team at 1-800-328-1095.  


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Reorder No.  Reorder No. Suggested Fit    Brace Length Unit   
Left  Right        
0814 40230814 4022Pediatric6"Each
0814 40210814 4020Adult8"Each
0814 40250814 4024Adult Long10"Each
Physician's Choice® Packaging     
5000 40235000 4022Pediatric6"Each
5000 40215000 4020Adult 8"Each
5000 40255000 4024Adult Long10"Each