Fall Prevention Program: Omni-Treds™

The newly designed Omni-Treds™ is the first truly universal slipper to be introduced to the hospital market. Never before have caregivers and patients had access to a product that fits all adults from petite to obese. The new Omni-Treds™ also offer a trademarked two sided tread system that helps eliminate any chance of putting the slipper on backwards while maximizing the tread coverage to eliminate patient falls.


For the Hospital

  • Universal Sizing – Eliminates s.k.u.’s
  • Two Sided Tread Design System helps eliminate patient falls and expensive lawsuits
  • Color Coded helps identify high risk patients
  • Economical – Will cost less than your present slipper

For the Patient

  • Better Fit – greater compliance and comfort
  • Two Sided Tread System - ease of application – insures patient safety
  • Omni-Treds™ designed to fill all patients from petite to obese